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 data recovery

Data Recovery on NAS or SAN server

Data Recovery has in a few years become one of Switzerland's leaders in computer data recovery for individuals, SMEs but also for renowned multinational companies worldwide.

This professional service of computer data recovery is offered by tesweb SA.

NAS system

A NAS system (Network Attached Storage) is an autonomous file server, connected to a network whose primary function is to store data into a central volume. This system uses RAID or JBOD technology.

Our experts treat cases of recovery of NAS servers to several drives and network systems with high storage capacity.

SAN system

A SAN system (Storage Area Network) differs from a NAS system by a low level access to disks. For simplicity, the traffic on a SAN is very similar to the principles used for the use of internal drives (ATA, SCSI). Thus, each server sees the disk space of a SAN bay as its own hard drive and not as a shared resource.

Our recovery specialists are able to recover data from a damaged SAN structure.

NAS Hardware
NAS Qnapd
NAS Synology
NAS Buffalo
NAS Netgear
NAS Western Digital